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Library Services

The GVH Library offers a range of Services to enable our staff and students to access quality information in a timely manner.  Some of these Services aim to keep staff abreast of current literature in their field and others fulfil a clinical or educational need at a point in time.  Please contact us in the Library if you wish to utlise any of the below Services.

Inter-library Loans

The Library offer an Inter-ibrary Loan Service to all staff and students. 

Delivery time for most requests is:

  • Article - urgent patient care - < 2 hours
  • Article  - non-urgent care / education - 24-48 hours
  • Book - 7 - 10 days 

Requests can be submitted via the below forms or via hard copy or e-mail.   Our databases also have embedded inter-library loan request forms which staff can take advantage of.  Articles and Book Chapters will be e-mailed to the Requestor unless we are instructed otherwise

Literature Search Service

Literature Searches,  undertaken by a qualified Librarian,  are available to all staff.  To request a search please complete the below Search Request form or speak to Library staff.   Also please contact Library staff if you wish to run your own search but require assistance to get started - we are happy to point you the right direction and give you a few tips to make your searching more effective and efficient .

Search Updates

The Library also offer a Search Update Service - complete a search request form and ensure you tick the box requesting monthly updates - you will then receive a monthly e-mail with newly published content on your subject.  



Library Orientation sessions for new staff are held monthly on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 1 - 1.30 pm in the Library Computer Room.  Sessions are open to all staff.


Database training sessions are run periodically in the Library Computer Room.  Current sessions run by Library staff are:

Introduction to CINAHL  -   2022 Dates TBA

Introduction to Medline   -   2022 Dates TBA

Please note that staff are always happy to run sessions to fit a particular need or staff group.  Contact the Library if you wish to discuss your training needs.   

Journal Alert Service

The Library offers an Alert Service for Journal titles in the below disciplines.   The latest “Table of Contents” (TOC) of each Journal is circulated via e-mail with articles available either directly or via request from the Library.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this FREE SERVICE please choose the subject/s you are interested in and e-mail the completed forms to          

Please note:

  • GV Health does not have subscriptions to all Journals on the lists
  • Access to the Full Text of articles directly from your desktop is limited to GVH Journals - a note will be made in the e-mail if direct access is available 
  • Articles from non-GVH Journals are available upon request to the Library – normal delivery time is 24 -48 hours

Clinical Lists

Non-Clinical Lists

Contact Details

Building I, GV Health, Graham St, Shepparton, 3630

Ph.:  (03) 48044397