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How do I access Resources from home?

You can access our Resources from home via this site using our GVH OpenAthens system to authenticate via the Offsite links on the Library Resources page..  

‚ÄčHow do I get an OpenAthens account?

You can self-register for an OpenAthens account on this site by clicking here.  Please note - this must be done on the GVH network!  Alternatively you can contact the Library and request an account and we will set one up for you.  All affiliated staff and students are eligible for an OpenAthens account.

I don't work at GV Health - can I still access the Library?

We are happy for Shepparton-based Health Professionals and students to use our Facility during opening hours however borrowing privileges are reserved for GVH staff and students and staff at our affiliated Hospitals. 

Can I use the Clinicians Health Channel (CHC) from home?

Yes - but you will require a CHC logon which can be obtained by registering on the CHC website.  If you have a GV Health OpenAthens account you  do not need to do this as all CHC resources have been integrated into this GVH Library website so there is no need to setup a special CHC logon.  

Can I print in the Library?

Yes - staff generally have their default printer set as their home Department / Ward however you can add the Library printer as a local printer and print to it while in the Library.  Ask Library staff if you are not sure how to do this.

Do I have to pay for printing in the Library?

We do charge for non-work related printing - 10 cents per side for b&w printing and 40 cents per side for colour printing.  Please be aware that we have a cash system.  Receipts for large amounts of printing can be organised if you speak to Library staff.

Can I scan documents in the Library?

Yes - scanning is free - please see Library staff if you require assistance.

How do I book a room in the Library?

We have 3 rooms available for booking and utilise MS Outlook to manage bookings.  All staff have the ability to book a room however if you are unfamiliar with booking via Outlook please contact the Library and we can do it for you.

Our rooms are:

  • Computer Room - seating for 15 with laptop, data projector and 4 GVH networked PC's
  • Meeting Room - seating for 12
  • Library Office - Office with 1 GVH network PC and scanner

Can Library staff run a Literature Search for me?

Yes - we run Literature searches for staff for a range of purposes - patient care, research, publication, policy development or education.  We will not run searches for students however are happy to offer advice and get you started with your searches.

Can I request a book for purchase by the Library?

Yes - we are happy to take purchase suggestions - however purchases will only be made if they are within the Guidelines laid out by our Collection Development Policy and the funds are available. 

How do I purchase a book for my Department?

Departmental purchases must be funded by the Department however all purchases still must be made by the Library.  Contact the Library with the items details and the Cost Centre it is to be billed to.  Upon receipt of the item it will be processed and forwarded to the Requesting Department/Ward.

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