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Literature Searches

Literature Searches

Literature Searches

Literature Searches

Literature Searches,  undertaken by a qualified Librarian,  are available to all staff.  To request a search please complete  the below Literature Search Request Form or speak to Library staff.   Also please contact Library staff if you wish to run your own search but require assistance to get started - we are happy to point you the right direction and give you a few tips to make your searching more effective and efficient .


Systematic Review Searches

Literature searches for Systematic Reviews are undertaken by special request.  These searches take considerable time and can only be done as time / workload permits and are at all times done in conjunction with the researchers.  If you are undertaking a Systematic Review please contact the Library for a discussion on how we can assist you with your research.


Search Updates

The Library also offer a Search Update Service - complete a Literature Search Request form and ensure you tick the box requesting monthly updates - you will then receive a monthly e-mail with newly published content on your subject.  



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