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Therapeutic Guidelines: Therapeutic Guidelines

Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG)

Link to eTG

Link to Therapeutics Guidelines (eTG) via the below links:

What is eTG?

Therapeutic Guidelines Limited (TGL) is an independent not-for-profit organisation.  eTG Complete comprises a collection of 17 specialty subject drug guides featuring over 2,500 clinical topics and 3,500 drug recommendations.  The Specialty Guides include:
Analgesic    ​ 
Bone and Metabolism 
Oral and Dental 
Palliative Care 
Sexual and Reproductive Health 
Toxicology and Wilderness  
Ulcer and Wound Management

 Content is updated several times a year.

Latest Updates

The August 2020 release of  eTG Complete includes a comprehensive update of the Toxicology and Wilderness Guidelines.  The Toxicology and Wilderness guidelines have been divided into two new guidelines—Toxicology and Toxinology, and Wilderness Medicine. An update for Wilderness Medicine is planned for 2021.


eTH Tutorials

eTG (Therapeutic Guidelines)

The eTG App. is available to all staff.  

To register follow the below instructions:  

  1. Download the eTG App from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Click here and register for a token  - this must be done on a GVH computer  
  3. Enter your token into the App - your token will be e-mailed to your nominated e-mail account. Ensure you choose ‘Institutional user login’ from the two options on the screen and use your e-mail address and the token.
  4. Download the full content of the database for offline use by clicking on the Cloud icon at the top banner of the app front page.


Contact Details

Building I, GV Health, Graham St, Shepparton, 3630

Ph.:  (03) 58322315   Fax.:  (03) 58213112