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MICROMEDEX: Micromedex Resources



Link to Drugdex via the below links:


Link to POISINDEX via the below links:

Link to TRISSELS IV Compatibility

Link to TRISSELS IV Compatibility via the below links:

What is Micromedex?

Micromedex is a suite of databases offering comprehensive drug, disease and toxicology information for health care professionals and patients.   DRUGDEX,  POISINDEX and  TRISSELS  IV Compatibility are all databases within Micromedex that Victorian Public Hospital employees have access to.  

DRUGDEX is the database within Micromedex that contains drug information - it is evidence-based, fully-referenced, and covers FDA-approved and investigational prescription and nonprescription drugs, as well as non-U.S. preparations.  Information is organized into sections and may include: dosage, pharmacokinetics, cautions, interactions, clinical applications, adverse effects, comparative efficacy, drug of choice information, and orphan drug status.

POISINDEX  identifies ingredients for hundreds of thousands of commercial, pharmaceutical, and biological substances. Each substance is linked to one or more management documents providing information on clinical effects, range of toxicity, and treatment protocols for exposures involving the substances.

TRISSELS IV Compatibility identifies potential risks when multiple parenteral drugs and solutions are combined. 

Micromedex Tutorials

Mobile Micromedex

LInk here for instructions on how to access the following Mobile Components of Micromedex:

  • Drug Reference
  • Drug Interactions
  • IV Compatibility

Further training

Users must register to view individual presentations and videos.  Click here to view the options on the Micromedex Training site.

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