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Natural Medicines: Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines

Link to the Natural Medicines Database

Link to the Natural Medicines Database via the below links:

What is the Natural Medicines Database?

Natural Medicines database is produced by the Therapeutic Research Centre (TRC) in the US and is the most authoritative resource available on dietary supplements, herbal medicines, and complementary and integrative therapies.  The database comprises the following subsets of data:
*  Food, Herbs & Supplements - 1200 listings  
*  Health and Wellness - 200 papers on complementary / Alternative treatment topics
*  Sports Medicine - information on relevant performance enhancing properties
*  Comparative Effectiveness - reviews the effectiveness of all therapies for specific conditions
*  Manufacturers List
*  Commercial Product Index - over 90000 products listed
Tools available include checkers for interactions, nutrient depletion, effectiveness, adverse effects, and  pregnancy and lactation.
Natural Medicines Database Key Features 

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