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Link to MIMS Online

Link to MIMS Online via the below links:

What is MIMS Online?

MIMS is the leading supplier of quality, independent medical information to Australian healthcare professionals.   The acronym, MIMS, was derived from the original publication (1963) which was called Monthly Index of Medical Specialties.

Data from the print MIMS Abbreviated Drug Guide is available in this online version with full medicines information, product images and consumer medicines information all included, 

Don't Rush to Crush - a guide to administering oral medicines to patients who are unable to swallow or have swallowing difficulties - is also available on the MIMS Online platform as an additional module.

MIMS Mobile

Setup and register for MIMS Mobile by:

  1. Search and download MIMS for Android from the App Store / Google Play Store.
  2. Request a MIMS Token (Number) by Registering on the link below - you MUST do this on a Victorian Public Hospital network computer. 
  3. Open the MIMS App and enter the Token Number - this will be e-mailed to your nominated e-mail account.  NB: The MIMS for Android application is 430MB. It will not be possible to download it over the 3G/4G network.

 Register for MIMS Mobile

MIMS Updates.

To view all additions and updates to MIMS click on the monthly link here.

MIMS Online Tutorials

Contact Details

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Ph.:  (03) 48044397