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  • COVID-19  range of guidelines including infection control, and management of COVID-19 in a range of conditions

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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - the basics  -  Up-to-Date  (GVH access only)

COVID-19  -  ClinicalKey  -  (GVH access only)

Coronavirus - BMJ Best Practice -  (all Victorian Public Hospitals)

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and pregnancy - the basics  - Up-to-Date (GVH access only)

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and children  - the basics - Up-to-Date  (GVH access only)

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Coronavirus Disease - DHHS, Victoria -  translations for NESB patients

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources - Department of Health, Australia

Coronavirus Disease - Better Health Channel

Coronavirus Information - Doctors of the World  - information in 34 different languages

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Immunosuppression, Chronic COVID-19, and SARS-CoV-2 Variants  (8 mins)  JAMA (August 18, 2021) 

Frequently Asked COVID-19 Vaccine Questions  (14 mins)  JAMA  (August 16, 2021) 


Cochrane Library COVID-19 Podcasts - listen to authors discuss their Review findings.


Coronavirus Variants  (35 mins)  JAMA  (March 4, 2021)  

Frequently asked COVID vaccine questions  (7 mins)  JAMA  (March 4, 2021)


Noninvasive Ventilation of COVID-19 Patients  (34 mins)  JAMA  (March 29, 2021)

Last-mile logistics of Covid vaccination — the role of Health Care Organizations  (11 mins)  New England Journal of Medicine  (February 25, 2021)  

Will COVID-19 become a recurrent seasonal disease?  (29 mins)  JAMA (March 3, 2021)

Books at GV Health

Recently Published Studies

September 16, 2021

Thomas, S. J., Moreira, E. D., Jr, Kitchin, N., Absalon, J., Gurtman, A., Lockhart, S., Perez, J. L., Pérez Marc, G., Polack, F. P., Zerbini, C., Bailey, R., Swanson, K. A., Xu, X., Roychoudhury, S., Koury, K., Bouguermouh, S., Kalina, W. V., Cooper, D., Frenck, R. W., Jr, Hammitt, L. L., … C4591001 Clinical Trial Group (2021). Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine through 6 Months. The New England journal of medicine, 10.1056/NEJMoa2110345. Advance online publication.    PDF

September 10, 2021

Popp, M., Stegemann, M., Metzendorf, M. I., Gould, S., Kranke, P., Meybohm, P., Skoetz, N., Weibel, S. (2021). Ivermectin for preventing and treating covid-19. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 7, CD015017.   PDF

September 9, 2021

Klein, N. P., Lewis, N., Goddard, K., Fireman, B., Zerbo, O., Hanson, K. E., Donahue, J. G., Kharbanda, E. O., Naleway, A., Nelson, J. C., Xu, S., Yih, W. K., Glanz, J. M., Williams, J. T. B., Hambidge, S. J., Lewin, B. J., Shimabukuro, T. T., DeStefano, F., Weintraub, E. S. (2021). Surveillance for adverse events after covid-19 mrna vaccination. JAMA,   Full Text

Anil Gupta, Yaneicy Gonzalez-Rojas, Erick Juarez, Manuel Crespo Casal, Jaynier Moya, Diego  Rodrigues Falci, Elias Sarkis, Joel Solis, Hanzhe Zheng, Nicola Scott, Andrea L. Cathcart, Christy M. Hebner, Jennifer Sager, Erik Mogalian, Craig Tipple, Amanda Peppercorn, Elizabeth Alexander, Phillip S. Pang, Almena Free, Cynthia Brinson, Melissa Aldinger, Adrienne E. Shapiro, for the COMET-ICE Investigators  (2021) Early Covid-19 Treatment With SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody  Sotrovimab.  medRxiv 2021.05.27.21257096; doi:   PDF

September 8, 2021

Hawrilenko, M., Kroshus, E., Tandon, P., Christakis, D. (2021). The association between school closures and child mental health during covid-19. JAMA Network Open, 4, e2124092.    Full Text

September 6, 2021

Kreuzberger, N., Hirsch, C., Chai, K. L., Tomlinson, E., Khosravi, Z., Popp, M., Neidhardt, M., Piechotta, V., Salomon, S., Valk, S. J., Monsef, I., Schmaderer, C., Wood, E. M., So-Osman, C., Roberts, D. J., McQuilten, Z., Estcourt, L. J., Skoetz, N. (2021). Sars-cov-2-neutralising monoclonal antibodies for treatment of covid-19. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 9, CD013825.    PDF

Kow, C. S., Hasan, S. S. (2021). Real-world effectiveness of bnt162b2 mrna vaccine: a meta-analysis of large observational studies. Inflammopharmacology, 29, 1075-1090.     PDF

Wang, Q., Yang, L., Jin, H., Lin, L. (2021). Vaccination against covid-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis of acceptability and its predictors. Preventive Medicine, 150, 106694.    PDF

Chen, M., Yuan, Y., Zhou, Y., Deng, Z., Zhao, J., Feng, F., Zou, H., Sun, C. (2021). Safety of sars-cov-2 vaccines: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Infectious Diseases of Poverty, 10, 94.      PDF

Gobel, C. H., Heinze, A., Karstedt, S., Morscheck, M., Tashiro, L., Cirkel, A., Hamid, Q., Halwani, R., Temsah, M. H., Ziemann, M., Gorg, S., Munte, T., Gobel, H. (2021). Headache attributed to vaccination against covid-19 (coronavirus sars-cov-2) with the chadox1 ncov-19 (azd1222) vaccine: a multicenter observational cohort study. Pain and Therapy,   PDF

Shrotri, M., Krutikov, M., Palmer, T., Giddings, R., Azmi, B., Subbarao, S., Fuller, C., Irwin-Singer, A., Davies, D., Tut, G., Lopez Bernal, J., Moss, P., Hayward, A., Copas, A., Shallcross, L. (2021). Vaccine effectiveness of the first dose of chadox1 ncov-19 and bnt162b2 against sars-cov-2 infection in residents of long-term care facilities in england (vivaldi): a prospective cohort study. The Lancet Infectious Diseases,    PDF

Borobia, A. M., Carcas, A. J., Perez-Olmeda, M., Castano, L., Bertran, M. J., Garcia-Perez, J., Campins, M., Portoles, A., Gonzalez-Perez, M., Garcia Morales, M. T., Arana-Arri, E., Aldea, M., Diez-Fuertes, F., Fuentes, I., Ascaso, A., Lora, D., Imaz-Ayo, N., Baron-Mira, L. E., Agusti, A., Perez-Ingidua, C., Gomez de la Camara, A., Arribas, J. R., Ochando, J., Alcami, J., Belda-Iniesta, C., Frias, J., CombiVacS Study Group (2021). Immunogenicity and reactogenicity of bnt162b2 booster in chadox1-s-primed participants (combivacs): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 2 trial. Lancet, 398, 121-130.   PDF

July 13, 2021

Association between BNT162b2 vaccination and Incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnant women.  JAMA 2021 (July 12)  Full Text

The use of statins was associated with reduced COVID-19 mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis.  Annals of Medicine  2021 (June 7)  PDF

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis.  Critical Care 2021 25(1) 211  PDF

June 9, 2021

Effect of 2 inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccines on symptomatic COVID-19 infection in adults : a randomised clinical trial.  JAMA  2001 (May 26)  Full Text 

The emerging concern and interest SARS-CoV-2 variants.  Pathogens.  2021  10(6) 633  PDF

May 10, 2021

Association between vaccination with BNT162b2 and incidence of symptomatic and asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections among health care workers.  JAMA  2021 (May 6)   Full Text

Impact and effectiveness of mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 infections and COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths following a nationwide vaccination campaign in Israel: an observational study using national surveillance data.  The Lancet.  2021  (May 5)  PDF  

Potential mechanisms of anaphylaxis to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.  Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  2021  (April 20)   PDF

May 2, 2021

US case reports of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis with thrombocytopenia after Ad26.COV2.S vaccination, March 2 to April 21, 2021.  JAMA  2021 (April 30)  Full Text  

Nanotechnology-based approaches for emerging and re-emerging viruses: Special emphasis on COVID-19.   Microbial Pathogenesis.   2021  (April 28)  PDF

COVID-19 and pregnancy: vertical transmission and inflammation impact on newborns.  Vaccines.  2021  9(40 391  PDF

Association of maternal SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnancy with neonatal outcomes.  JAMA  2021  (April 29)  Full Text

May 2, 2021

US case reports of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis with thrombocytopenia after Ad26.COV2.S vaccination, March 2 to April 21, 2021.  JAMA  2021 (April 30)  Full Text  

Nanotechnology-based approaches for emerging and re-emerging viruses: Special emphasis on COVID-19.   Microbial Pathogenesis.   2021  (April 28)  PDF

COVID-19 and pregnancy: vertical transmission and inflammation impact on newborns.  Vaccines.  2021  9(40 391  PDF

Association of maternal SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnancy with neonatal outcomes.  JAMA  2021  (April 29)  Full Text



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