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Mobile Apps: Home

Mobile Apps.

MIMS Mobile

Setup and register for MIMS Mobile by:

  1. Search and download MIMS for Android from the App Store / Google Play Store.
  2. Request a MIMS Token (Number) by Registering on the link below - you MUST do this on a Victorian Public Hospital network computer. 
  3. Open the MIMS App and enter the Token Number - this will be e-mailed to your nominated e-mail account.  NB: The MIMS for Android application is 430MB. It will not be possible to download it over the 3G/4G network.

 Register for MIMS Mobile


AusDI is device responsive which means you can access this resource from most web-enabled devices (smartphones and tablets).  You can link to this resource offsite by clicking here and entering your  Username and Password.


Please note: OpenAthens cannot be used with this resource - you must register onsite for a CHC Username and Password by Clicking on the Register link in the top right corner of the AusDI screen.  Once the online form is completed an auto-generated email will be sent to your nominated email address confirming your username and password. You must then follow the directions provided in this email within 24 hours to validate your registration.


Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook

AIDH is device responsive which means you can access this resource from most web-enabled  devices, smartphones and tablets).  You can link to this resource offsite by clicking here and entering your OpenAthens logon.     

BMJ Best Practice

To register for access to BMJ Best Practice App follow the instructions below - please note this must be done on a Public Hospital computer:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the prompts to register for a ‘personal account’ 
  3. Logout of the profile after registration and sign in again (this allows the remote roaming to be activated before proceeding to download the app).
  4.  Visit your Apple or Google Play store and search for ‘BMJ Best Practice’.
  5. Select the app and when prompted, use your BMJ Best Practice ‘personal account’ details to sign in and download the content.  

Cochrane Library App.

The Cochrane Library App. is available for free download.                 

eTG (Therapeutic Guidelines)

The eTG App. is available to all staff.  

To register follow the below instructions:  

  1. Download the eTG App from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Click here and register for a token  - this must be done on a GVH computer  
  3. Enter your token into the App - your token will be e-mailed to your nominated e-mail account. Ensure you choose ‘Institutional user login’ from the two options on the screen and use your e-mail address and the token.
  4. Download the full content of the database for offline use by clicking on the Cloud icon at the top banner of the app front page.


ClinicalKey App

The CK App is available for download from the App store and Google Play

Once downloaded ensure you choose the following options:

1.  Australia           
2.  ClinicalKey            
3 . Choose OpenAthens login
4.  Choose Goulburn Valley Health from the Organisation List
5.  Enter your OpenAthens login details.

Alternatively the CK platform is mobile optimized so you can access the site at and your mobile device will display the content.   Ensure that you choose the OpenAthens logon option if you are accessing it using a private network.


Mobile Micromedex

LInk here for instructions on how to access the following Mobile Components of Micromedex:

  • Drug Reference
  • Drug Interactions
  • IV Compatibility

Up-To-Date App.

The Up-To-Date (UTD) App is available for Apple and Android devices - download it from your Store and enter your  UTD username and password to gain access to the content.  


NB  - OpenAthens can not be used to access UTD offsite - you must have registered for your own UTD account on the GVH network.   To get an UTD username and password simply go to UTD on the GV Health network and complete the Registration Form via the Register link located in the top right corner of the screen.



Additional Recommended Apps.

Try the below Apps - search your App Store and download them for free.

  • RCH Clinical Guidelines
  • ClinCalc
  • Medscape
  • Epocrates
  • Austin Health Toxicology
  • Eye Emergency Manual


Contact Details

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