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Australian Medicines Handbook: AMH Resources

AMH Resources

Link to the Australian Medicines Handbook

Link to AMH (Australian Medicines Handbook) Online via the below links:

Link to AMH Aged Care Companion

Link to AMH Aged Care Companion via the below links:

Link to AMH Children's Dosing Companion

Link to AMH Children's Dosing Companion via the below links:

What is the Australian Medicines Handbook?

The AMH (Australian Medicines Handbook) Online is an independent, evidence-based Australian drug guide.  It is has rolling minor updates throughout the year with two major updates in January and July.     The comparative drug information makes it unique among drug reference tools on the market, as it allows users to compare drugs and make informed prescribing choices. 

AMH also produce 2 specialty online resources - the Aged Care Companion and the Children's Dosing Companion.

AMH Compatibility

AMH users should upgrade to Internet Explorer version 11 for AMH Online and Companion sites (AMH Aged Care Companion and AMH Children’s Dosing Companion) to have a better user experience.  Contents from AMH Online and  Companion sites will not be viewable for older versions of Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

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